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Update: I am retired now, living in London, and I’m not providing tantric massage service any more. If you want to get a tantric massage session, pls visit tantric massage guide to find a goddess or temple.

A little bit of myself

I am a nice 46 years old woman, with a great femininity, gentleness and sensuality. I love providing pleasure and well-being. I am passionate of life and passionate in life! My openness to the world and my experiences have led me, in time to meet wonderful people who made me walk in the development and implementation of a lifestyle and humanist Tantric and acquire knowledge in development of being which are the woman I am today.

A woman wishing to share the art of tantric massage and universal, with those wanting to explore this way of being. Practicing Tantric Massage along with my career in psychology for several years, I decided since 2005 to devote myself entirely because it is during these moments of sharing that I really blossom. It is in this spirit of love and desire make you live a unique sensory experience that I offer to those who understand the spirit in which was done, the pleasure of sharing tantric ecstasy.

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I have the quality of self-giving and sharing. I have a vocational and professional training in tantric and technical Californian massage and I developed a passion for well-being and the senses. It is by respecting your individuality, sharing our experiences, knowledge and exchanges that I constantly develops and improves the quality of my massage.

My part-time working experience: I used to be a writer for lust tantric massage, you still can find some of my works here.

I have an academic background in psychology, training in hypnotherapy and studied Buddhism and Tantra is my lifestyle. I have a personal and professional journey rich and varied. In couple since about ten year with Sahi, Tantrika and magnificent man, three magnificent boys who swamp me with happiness. I’ve learned to recognize my potential, my strengths and my weaknesses, my preferences and aspirations to come to informed choice, accepted and happy to share with you the art of tantric massage. I have developed over the years my skills to offer a tantric experience into the rules of Art. J’offre aussi de la formation en massage tantrique. I also offer training in massage tantric.

I will receive you to my private studio, situated in London. I decorated for you with art and exoticism, a sacred place.

Your devoted, Vicky

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